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Coming Up!

Brad Scribner at PH3

August 1

Singer, songwriter,

Ivory tinkler.

Open mic and community coffehouse with sweet goodies.

Come for the music, stay for the brownies...

and the girl scouts if any show up.




Karen Whitman & Rick Pantel

Sweet & funny original songs, rare & unusual ethnic folk songs.

Don't get burned at a smoky gunpowder fireworks display that uses radioactive heavy metals to achieve the bright colors!

Listen to musical fireworks instead!

Friday, July 4 @ 7 PM








Cecilia St. King

The Peace Troubadour

April 4, 2008










Jay Mankita

Friday, March 7 at 7 PM.

Jay's songs speak to the human condition with honesty, compassion, and humorous insight. His concerts are intimate and hopeful, irreverently funny, and musically refreshing.

"I think he's one of the half-dozen best songwriters today"

- Pete Seeger


UGLY PANTS CONTEST - A fundraiser for Cara Cruickshank's new production of NARNIA -

Contact Cara-

PH3 is One! February 1, 2008 Marks the date of our first anniversary spectacular. Every headliner from 2007 has been invited to join the merriment in tribute to The Arts Upstairs and the artist fund.

PH3 January 4, 2008
Boot scootin' 20th century jukebox songs about drinking problems and problem bears. Robert Warren (AKA Uncle Rock) + News reporter Jay Braman Jr. pounds the skins in this five piece band. Then Nair-Do-Well Dakota Lane comes out. Her depiliating yet unfutzed-with poetic rant is punctuated by an off beat drummer's kabooms and cymbal crashes with each new zinger.



Yes, Virginia, there is a winter wonderland of holiday gift grabbing gusto waiting for you in Phoenicia at PH3's gala soulstice extravaganza. Gifted Carl Bethge will do some bestowing and the green elf will plunk his magic twanger. The Arts Upstairs, Phoenicia, Friday, December 7 at 7PM.









On Friday October 5, PH3 will feature singer/songwriter Jeff Entin. The proceeds will go to help out the magical naive painter Richard Treitner, this month's Arts Upstairs solo show artist. Richard is HIV positive and has medical bills Medicare won't cover. Because of this he is having trouble meeting his mortgage. Come and donate $3 admission, buy lots of cookies and also buy lots of Richard's artwork. Doors open at 7 PM.



Friday July 6 at The Arts Upstairs... with Jean Fosse, The Kurt Henry Band, The Cover Girls, Once Were Blind, Paloma Tessa and Sylvia!

June 1, 2007 PH3 Starring Elly Wininger

PH3 April 6 2007 Featured Paul McMahon 

PH3 March 2, 2007 - Open Mic Sampler


Peggy Atwood was our featured performer- Visit 

PH3 February 2, 2007