Selections from Kids in the Arts Community Art Show @ Arts Upstairs - Opened on May 21, 2005 - Three cheers for all the teachers and students from the Onteora school district for putting on a great show!

Do you spot a budding Picasso? With a little sunshine, some sprinkles and a little fertile earth, some of these these kids will flower into great artists. In our fast expanding media landscape, ART is at the top of the list for new career opportunities. Graphics on the web demands millions of new images every minute, and somebody's gotta do it! Add print publishing, advertising, movies and TV... the competition for eyeballs creates a hot demand for artists.

There are a lot of pictures on this page so it might take a few minutes to load up... Why not pull out a pad and doodle a bit while you're waiting?




Wow! You are GOOD! I hope your eyeballs have enjoyed this little Art Safari. Remember: this is only a tiny fraction of the entire show, so come on down and see the whole shebang in person. While you're in Phoenicia, take the time to savor some of the other delightful local attractions - fine dining, shopping, hiking, swimming and hammock rockin'. (my favorite) - - - -BSee you next time! - Dave ----- Back to Arts Upstairs