Under The Snow... Most of this winter was balmy. A lot of our artists are balmy too. Flowers and buds a poppin' too early. Not much snow in the meterological sense, but plenty of snow jobs coming from upstairs, as in Fox TV, CEOs and Washington DCeptive. The ARTS Upstairs does not blow snow. Instead we unleash a blizzard of art, more than enough to burrow out aesthetic igloos. So off we go in search of Yeti, the Abominable Snowman, Sasquatch and a disgruntled Polar Bear on this month's Art Safari.

Lee Sanna has installed a solo show that is overwhelming in scope and relentless in cheerful optimism. His music inspired paintings are earthy pastel homages to Americans in Paris, Gene Kelly, Mozart, Louis Armstrong, and Whitey Ford.

This one gave me flashbacks to the wonderful Ulster Ballet I saw at UPAC the night before.


Here's who I believe to Be Whitey Ford. I guess it's Yankee Stadium but could it be Ebbet's Field?

Clonk! Sanna Hits one out of the park.


OK, OK. I usually don't give this many photons to one artist on the Safari but Sanna's paintings are overflowing and I like them.

This one took me back to when I was a scruffy teenage hippy hitch- hiking around Italy. I met a street walker outside Milan who used a hole in a stone wall along the road as her private office.


Astrid Nordness is also super prolific and well represented in this show. Her paintings and ceramics come from an extra terrestrial biotic zone. Amoebal pseudopods and juicy saturated colors tell stories that are intriguingly hinted at in the titles.

This one's called "Can-U-See O.S.B.?"

Oriented Strand Board?


I love Claire Kassor's fabric collages. OMG - she must spend a month on each one. Bronson Eden, myself and a couple of gallery visitors to the gallery had to get up real close and squint before realzing "Monarch Butterfly" wasn't a photograph.


James Laudano cleverly cropped and disoriented this photo to produce a mystifying psychedelic experience. It is called "Reflected Field".


This "Pianist" by Kate Burleson actually tingles the ivories and shakes his booty in a barrelhouse ragtime if you jiggle the podium.

If you told me this was made by Alexander Calder I wouldn't blink an eye. That good.


The Arts Upstairs is hosting life drawing workshops. There is still room for one or two more artists on Thursday nights 7-9PM. $15.

You can see some drawings by Gavin Owen and Patricia Charnay along the staircase.

This one by Patricia is titled "Studio Nude".

I like her strong direct strokes.


Sam Scoggins lays down a hot color field action painter fireball, perfectly suited to warming us up on chilly nights.

"Basic Goodness".


Likewise, this hot still life by Anna Maguire is a perked-up take on good eating. "Sensual Orange Pepper".


Another new Arts Upstairs workshop is fearlessly led by Sparrow and Anique Taylor, How to have fun as a poet without really trying. Very popular at $12 per session with a generous sliding scale. Mondays at 6:30PM.

Whatever you may think about Sparrow's gifts as a psychoanalist, you must admit he looks like he's having fun.


This happy family "Failed Group Therapy".

As Dylan once said many times, "There's no success like failure..."


Maraleen Manos-Jones wins the prize for the longest and most splendid title of the whole show.

"Golden Temple of the Butterfly Goddess in Mesopotamia"

Her complex dioramas evoke ancient mythology. They may be somewhat difficult to dust but it's worth it. I see them as great settings for Indiana Jones movies.


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