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Art openings are always on the third Saturday of each month from 6-9 PM. It's potluck! Bring a dish or bottle to share.

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The Arts Upstairs gallery 60 Main St. Phoenicia, NY 12464
(845) 688-2142


Gallery hours:

Friday 3-6pm, Sat. 10-6, Sunday 10-4pm.


Solo room Artists:

Bronson Eden

and Lynn Fliegel

Show opening  6-9 pm, August 19.

Runs through June 16.

Bronson Eden's original computer graphics are printed on canvas. The finished work is not a reproduction, but an original print similar to a photograph. Eden studied at SVA and the Art Student's League, and was active in the art scene in lower Manhattan where he lived and exhibited for 25 years. In 1991 he moved to Phoenicia. He is a founding and active member of the Arts Upstairs in Phoenicia and has been represented by several galleries, both in NYC and here in the valley.

Lynn’s Artist Statement: I hope that my paintings evoke a sense of expansiveness that transcends the moment and connect with the viewer in an historic way, reminiscent of times past like flying a kite, being on the beach, aware of flowers as well as being here now, in the present.

The Arts Upstairs is a community gallery with 12 full members.  However, all artists are welcome to show work, space permitting. Hang fee: $10 for 24" and under,  $15 for 36",  $20 for over 36". There is a  35% commission on sales.